Tsukiji fish market
August 13, 2010, 1:56 pm
Filed under: Youkobo/Tokyo/ Japan

I got up late at 5:30 and headed out for the Tsukiji fish market, the largest in the world, on Thursday am.  To get the full effect, the word is that you need to be up and over there, on the other side of Tokyo by 4:30…but I considered 5:30 almost 4:30, for me.  I got there by about 7, extremely late in fish market terms, and had a “sushi breakfast” .  Which didn’t sound too appealing at first, but which was actually delicious!  Here’s a picture of my breakfast not including the shark fin soup (which was fabulous) and hot tea.  And here are two other pix… Enjoy Beautiful Life is suspended outside the train station in Harajuku;  and my all time favorite, found on another fish market fancier’s t-shirt…evidence of the imminent flexibility of the English language!

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gotta be “spending my kid’s inheritance”….. I’m hearing my car’s winter coat!

Comment by Trish Davis

PS some of your editorial was cut off, and I think I’m missing a couple photos (tokyo electric?) Would have loved to see the fish market and 5.30 seems early enough!

Comment by Trish Davis

Oh Susan, this all takes me back so (happily)! Only thing was that in 3 months there, Karen and I could never get up early enough to do Tsikiji; you’ve shamed us! Love, Robert

Comment by Robert Carl

vicariously nibbling through your breakfast s-not being a fish eater I’m drooling based on color and food arrangement—ymmm—early morning encounters the best. any word on the baby turtles? m

Comment by Miki Baird

Oh SO beautiful sushi . . . I WANT! Enjoy beautiful life . . . what a happy undertaking.

Comment by Eva Szela

What posting on Facebook means is that I am going to individual favorites of your photographs and where the button says “Share’ I click ‘Facebook.’ Then that pic shows on my Facebook Wall and all my friends can see it. Your name appears and your address. I’m also sometimes quoting you . . . for example, your whole writing re the turtle pond is up. I have an enthusiastic following so some people will see these things. If any of that is not comfy for you be sure to let me know. Enjoying your work SO much.

Comment by Eva Szela

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