Turtle news!
August 23, 2010, 12:33 am
Filed under: Youkobo/Tokyo/ Japan

I continue to stop by the turtle site daily and I continue to see these wet marks, each day in a different spot, each day about the same size. I continue to takes photos. Here are a couple from yesterday and today.

Today, I bent down to push aside some leaves, dead flowers, etc. to get a better shot, and one of the dead flowers looked kind of rubbery and odd.  On closer inspection….I found three turtle egg shells!!!!!

I can’t believe it, finally, BINGO!

I’m going to be gone on another  trip, so can’t check back again until Friday morning…but they might even be apparent in some of the earlier images with the wet marks, and I can definitely see one in this recent image.  Wow…it really happened!

I’m thrilled.

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wow—the turtles are finally free! guessing those wet spots might have something to do with emerging eggs—–can see a partial egg in photo #2 above-m

Comment by Miki Baird

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